About us

Alan Di Lello is the 3rd generation of an Italian family of circusclowns.Familie 1983Scan0003
His grandmother, Giovanna, ran off with the circus when she was 16,
and married Rugero Di Lello, who worked as a clown in the circus and as a puppeteer in theaters.

They gave the names of the puppets to their 4 children.
Ricciardetto was the eldest and went to work with the circus of the family Forgione as an acrobat and clown.
Scan0001The Forgione family was a big family, with 10 children! The eldest was Mafalda. After Mafalda and Ricciardetto got married, they worked in circusses in Italy.

Later, when their second son, Alan, was born, they travelled all over Europe.
When the 3 sons were teenagers, they allso performed in Asia, South Africa and the USA. All Alan ever wanted to be, is a clown.

DanceJenny van Meggelen was born in a small village in the Netherlands. All she wanted to be was a dancer.
After taking her diploma as a classical ballet teacher at the Academy for dancing (Artez) in Arnhem, she turned to show dancing. She danced a.o. in a theatershow in Athens, with a showgroup in New York, and in a televisionshow in the Netherlands.
Jenny Cruise
Jenny joined a showballet on a cruiseship, and Alan and his brother come to perform juggling and clowning on the same ship. A very romantic setting for the beginning of a relationship.

They put together their ideas and backgrounds and created their acts: based on old principles of clowning with new ideas and surprising turns.

Jenny and Alan Di lello have performed their acts in many places in Europe; a.o.
  • Oscar Togni, Italy
  • Circus Arnardo, Norway
  • Circus Skratt , Sweden
  • Circus Scala, Sweden
  • Cirque Zavatta, France
  • Cirque Maximum, France
  • Circus Dannebrog, Denmark
  • Parc: Bobbejaanland, Belgium
  • Parc: Slagharen, Netherlands
  • Sirkus Finlandia, Finland
  • Circus Sijm, Netherlands
  • Circus Renaissance, Netherlands
  • Cirque Educatif, France
  • Cirkus Wictoria, Sweden.
The proces of creating keeps going on, improving the acts and making new ones. Always aiming for perfection, and waiting for your laughter and applause.